About Us


Daryl & Antonella Gazey

Many people have a strong desire to be well physically and emotionally, but have a difficult time converting to a healthy lifestyle even after trying many times. 

The founder, Daryl Gazey and his wife Antonella are fitness enthusiasts who have been in the industry for several years. They have also been on the other side where they lost sight of who they were for awhile and then realized the answer to optimal health. It is ultimately how Gazey Fitness developed. 

A simple before and after picture sent out as nothing more than for self assurance and pride led to several questions of how did you do that!!??

Gazey Fitness just organically grew from this. We knew we wanted to help others build better health habits and help them prioritize self-care and restoration to lead them to a life long lifestyle change. 

We did this because we know how, but most important we did this because we care. Ultimately the Gazey Fitness "why " was really "why not?" Sharing is powerful and comes back to you two fold. 

Mission statement 

Gazey fitness is focused on fitness, nutrition, weight management, and the direct connection to emotional health.

We use these principles to guide our clients to success.

Gazey fitness train their coaches to help clients overcome barriers and reach their fitness goals while at the same time empowering them to take back the reigns of their own life. 

We are committed to providing ongoing personalized support, encouragement and motivation in order to see all our clients be successful.

We won't be satisfied until you've achieved your goals!